Nérilia Mondesir

March 30, 2016

if you have not heard the name Nérilia Mondesir yet well you better get to know her name because she is one of Haiti most promising and exciting soccer players. Her talents were on full display to the world in the CONCACAF 2016 under 17 tournament.

 Her journey to winning  the Gold Boot in the tournament started in Great River North where she was born in January 18, 1999. Her parents Saintilmond Mondesir and Clotilde Thélusma describe her as a busy active  child involved in many sports but Judo was her first love. She worked tirelessly to become the best with one goal in mind to one day represent her country in the international stage. Her teammates, her coaches noticed her passion and dedication to her craft. Nérilia was quickly asked to join the National School of Sport Talents in Croix-des-Bouquets in 2011, she was only 12 years old.

Nérilia loved to compete in judo and she excelled at it but she had strong aspirations to represent her country on the international stage. in a country where soccer athletes are often seen as Gods she realized Judo was not going to be the means to represent her country. Undaunted In 2013 she decided to start a playing soccer. The natural athlete quickly excelled. Her Soccer coaches were amazed at her quick transition as she quickly became one of the best soccer players in her age group but also while playing in soccer leagues where kids bigger and older then her. the star that we know today was on her way.

It was not surprising to her coaches or her old judo partners that Nérilia Mondesir won the Gold Boot in the CONCACAF tournament, we are the ones that were shocked to see her excel and dominate. But to all those who have know her,have trained with her, they know how hard she works to become the best athlete that she can be. Now the Haitians everywhere are proud and excited to see her on the international stage representing her country.

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